Barn Conversions Essex

As Essex’s barn conversions specialists, we can offer a full build service. We have completed a comprehensive selection of varied sized barn and agricultural building conversions. From small build offices to three storey homes.

Writtle, Essex Barn Conversion

Barn Conversion Essex

On the left you can see the traditional  existing Essex barn, in Writtle. It was a former agricultural cattle and feed store. The barn required a full conversion to a new 3 bedroom dwelling, keeping as much of the original features and structure of the existing barn. Below you can see the finished front elevation of the barn, once completed.

Complete barn conversion Essex




Existing Barn Roof

Here you can see the existing roof structure of the Essex barn, which was in good order due to being preserved by the good slate roof covering. The existing roof was stripped, cleaned, fully insulated, treated and reinstated to give the effect below.

Completed Barn Roof

Small Barn, Ongar, Essex

Orginal Barn

As you can see no barn is past repair on converting, this is how we found the barn prior to us starting work on the conversion,the barn was in  a poor state of repair mainly due to the roof covering being stripped after the barn had been struck by a motor vehicle.

Below you can see the barn in its nearly completed state,it has been given a new lease of life.

New Ongar Barn











Old Indoor Barn





The barns structure as you can see was in a poor state, and being held up by some temporary supports. It also had a fair bit of  damp and dry rot. After an  extensive refurbishment and works carried out you can see the internal results below.



Completed Essex barn













Great Baddow, Essex Barn Conversion

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Here is an  example of another Essex barn project completed by RCP Developments. This barn also had a good structural frame that had been protected well by its tin roof. It did require a new raft foundation and reinstatement of the brick plinth, using the existing bricks reclaimed from the site. A new midstrey was also added in new green oak.


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Here you can see before and after pictures from when the works commenced to the completed project.

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